Urban decay It's Gonna Stay Campaign

Fully integrated campaign highlights the award-winning Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for summer. 



We love all nighters. 

 Makeup should be ready to dance all day and party all night.

Longwear. Through. Blood. Sweat. And. Tears.

Every skin type is hot. Which setting spray does yours need?

All Nighter Original

All Nighter Ultra Matte

All Nighter Ultra Glow

All Nighter Vitamin 

urban Decay: It's gonna stay

Summer is approaching, a season full of fun times and making memories with your besties. These moments are almost always spent under the bright sun or chilling by a cool pool. It is only right that your makeup is ready to party all day and party all night, just like you.

Don’t take our word for it, just listen to Rico Nasty. The popular American rapper once said in one of her songs, “it’s gon’ stay cause it’s Urban Decay”. It is obvious that she was talking about the award-winning Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

The iconic line was in her 2017 song, Beat My Face. No matter how you are putting on your makeup, also known as beating your face, everyone should feel as confident as the blue-haired Rico Nasty putting on makeup in front of her bathroom mirror.

Rico Nasty is the perfect star to represent what Urban Decay stands for. She is unapologetically herself, fearless and fierce. Urban Decay is all about being whatever and whoever you want to be, even if that means inventing unique looks and challenging what the beauty industry thinks is beautiful.

Makeup should be a way for everyone to express themselves through the products they choose to wear on their face. Whether you like neutral shades or bold colors, both choices are beautiful in their own way. Pretty isn’t about what the world wants you to look like, pretty is what you want to look like.

Beautiful eyeshadow palettes, lip colors and much more from Urban Decay allow so many unique looks to be created. Misting your face with the All Nighter Setting Spray is the perfect final touch to make sure your makeup transfer-proof and smudge-proof. Gorgeous makeup deserves to stay all day and all night, especially in the summer.

*Not affiliated with Urban Decay Cosmetics*

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