Lululemon Free to Be Fierce Campaign

Fully integrated campaign highlights Lululemon’s newest women’s basketball apparel.

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The Making of Lululemon's First Women's Basketball Line

How We Designed Apparel With and for Women

The driving force behind all that we do at Lululemon is to elevate human potential by helping people feel their best. This includes being able to meet the physical and emotional needs of the individuals who are wearing our products. For the women’s athletic apparel industry, this is important now more than ever.

Women in sports are changing the game and shifting the narrative about what it means to be an exceptional athlete, regardless of gender. Women’s college basketball teams are selling out arenas and expanding overall viewership. Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese are two women who are helping set the stage for others to follow in their footsteps and unlock greater possibilities. 

Seeing strong women embrace their competitive nature inspired us at Lululemon to create a line of women’s basketball apparel to help women everywhere be their best. At our core, Lululemon cares about uplifting and empowering women. It starts with athletic apparel that helps women who are athletes to be more comfortable and confident in what they are wearing.

Wearing Lululemon should be a freeing experience. The days of athletic apparel not stretching and not being supportive are over. Women deserve athletic apparel that is not restrictive and truly allows their bodies to have a full range of motion. 

To maximize the performance potential of every woman, it is also essential to be free from all types of distractions that may arise while being active. It is completely natural to sweat it out during a workout, but sometimes this moisture can result in experiencing discomfort or smelling an unpleasant odor. With the help of the most innovative fabrics and technology, this is not something that needs to be worried about. 

The first step to feeling fierce is feeling free. Lululemon’s newest line of women’s basketball apparel from its Free to Be Fierce campaign focuses on the way the products feel because the way that the products feel inspires the way that women move and train.


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